Brooklyn 0.2 released, ready for production

The GSOC is coming to an end and I'm happy to announce that Brooklyn reached an important milestone: the v0.2 has been released.
Now it has full support for Telegram, IRC and Rocket.Chat.
Furthermore it is stable enough to be tested in production (in fact we use it on some wtl channels).
For Debian 9 users who want to use it without too many configurations, there is an Ansible config ready to be used.

What's next?
With this milestone we have satisfied our needs, so what's next?
First of all I will mantain the source code of the application (e.g. fixing bugs, helping new contributors, etc.).
In addition to this I will improve the usability of Brooklyn as soon as the Rocket.Chat team implements this and this.
When Rocket.Chat.Java.SDK will be stable enough it may be a good solution to replace Canaveral with this library.
I'm also going to write an article on how to extend Brooklyn to support new protocols :D


  1. Please find a new name, this one overlaps with the Apache project

    1. Hi. Apache Brooklyn and KDE Brooklyn are different projects with different scopes.
      There will be always someone who use the name you've chosen for a project.
      It is also quite difficult to find a new name not used in another project yet.

      I don't find why using the name "Brooklyn" will be confusing. They are simply two different things :)


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