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Brooklyn 0.1 is out there: full Telegram and IRC support

I'm glad to announce that a first stable version of Brooklyn is released!
What's new? Well:
Telegram and IRC APIs are fully supported; it manages attachments (even Telegram's video notes), also on text-only protocols through a web server;it has an anti-flood feature on IRC (e.g. it doesn't notify other channels if an user logs out without writing any message). For this I've to say "thank you" to Cristian Baldi, a W2L developer which has this fabulous idea;it provides support for edited messages;SASL login mechanism is implemented;map locations are supported through OpenStreetMap; you can see a list of other channels' members typing "botName users" on IRC or using "/users" command on Telegram;if someone writes a private message to the bot instead of in a public channel, it sends him the license message "This software is released under the GNU AGPL license.";