Brooklyn 0.2 released, ready for production

The GSOC is coming to an end and I'm happy to announce that Brooklyn reached an important milestone: the v0.2 has been released.
Now it has full support for Telegram, IRC and Rocket.Chat.
Furthermore it is stable enough to be tested in production (in fact we use it on some wtl channels).
For Debian 9 users who want to use it without too many configurations, there is an Ansible config ready to be used.

Stop writing code like we're in the '90s: a practical approach (PART I)

When I released Brooklyn v0.1 complaints arose from the fact that it is written in Java.
A lot of criticisms come from users that probably wrote Java code when it was born.
The language is constantly changing and I decided to use Java 8 as the primary language for Brooklyn.
I'm writing this blog post because while I was learning new features I realized that there is an enormous difference between studying something and applying what you have studied in a practical scenario.
I'll keep writing posts like that, and I want to write much more if I receive a good feedback!

Brooklyn 0.1 is out there: full Telegram and IRC support

I'm glad to announce that a first stable version of Brooklyn is released!
What's new? Well:
Telegram and IRC APIs are fully supported; it manages attachments (even Telegram's video notes), also on text-only protocols through a web server;it has an anti-flood feature on IRC (e.g. it doesn't notify other channels if an user logs out without writing any message). For this I've to say "thank you" to Cristian Baldi, a W2L developer which has this fabulous idea;it provides support for edited messages;SASL login mechanism is implemented;map locations are supported through OpenStreetMap; you can see a list of other channels' members typing "botName users" on IRC or using "/users" command on Telegram;if someone writes a private message to the bot instead of in a public channel, it sends him the license message "This software is released under the GNU AGPL license.";

First month report: my feelings about gsoc

Hi, I'm Davide and I'm 22.
I was born on May 17th so I'm considering being accepted by KDE as a little gift.
The first month is usually related to "Community Bonding". What does it mean?